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How to make SDRs more productive

Being an SDR is tough. In most companies (not Sales Science) it’s an entry level position. A rep is given a territory or a list of prospect accounts and is told to “go book some meetings.”

When we consult with companies we often see reps without a clear understanding of who they should be trying to contact next. They generally have a large pool of total prospects that they can chase and it’s not always clear who’s the next best person to call. This can create low productivity levels and a scattergun approach across your teams.

At Sales Science we’ve implemented a system that provides our reps with clear framework to prioritise who to chase now. It’s broken down into four “Buckets” highest priority being 4 through 1.

Bucket 1 — Uncontacted

Prospects that have not yet engaged with any of our content our outbound contact attempts in any meaningful way.

Bucket 2 — Working

Prospects that we have tried to contact and have taken some actions which may indicate interest. Example — They may have opened a cold email we’ve sent them 3 or 4 times.

Bucket 3 — Hot

Prospects that have engaged heavily with our content. Example — have read through a case study, clicked on a booking link but not completed it, or opened an email 5 or more times

Bucket 4 — Booked

Prospects that have booked a demo or meeting but it hasn’t yet taken place.

What this allows us to do is prioritise reps activities around the prospects that are closest to turning into customers. Every day they come into the office and take care of the tasks that relate to Bucket 4 prospects before moving onto 3, 2 and finally 1s. This allows prospects that are further away to get warmed up through marketing, sales automation and other content.

For the reps it means they know what to do next. They don’t have to filter through contact lists trying to decide who to email, call or connect with on LinkedIn. They’ll become more efficient and your revenue engine will start humming.

If you’re interested in the tech we use to implement this system get in touch and we can talk you through it.

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