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How to sell your SaaS product to international buyers from New Zealand

Despite being a small market, New Zealand is home to some truly innovative and successful technology companies. But, companies like Zero, Pushpay Gentrack and Serko couldn’t have achieved the massive revenue and valuations they currently command without selling to a global market. New Zealand is just too small for any B2B SaaS product to achieve that kind of scale locally. Xero has customers in 180 countries and now generates less than 20% of its revenue in New Zealand.

So we get it. Even early stage companies in NZ to want to push into US, UK and Australia. So how do you do it without having the capital to fund an on the ground office in those locations?

We’ve helped just shy of a dozen homegrown tech companies to launch predictable revenue engines in Australia, the UK and the US. All of our staff are located in New Zealand, so our model is one you could replicate without committing too much capital.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Get really clear on your ideal client profile

  2. Build a list of target prospects that meet this profile using Linkedin Sales Navigator

  3. Enrich this list using tools like, zoominfo,

  4. Get an outbound sales automation platform such as Outreach or a CRM with this built in like Hubspot

  5. Get Aircall, Kixie or Cradle that will allow you to make calls into other countries with a local number

  6. Develop an outbound sales campaign that converts these leads into prospects

  7. Conduct an initial discover/demo meeting with them using zoom or google hangouts

  8. Understand their buying process

  9. Help them to navigate that buying process

  10. Present a proposal using Pandadoc or Getaccept

  11. Onboard your new customer successfully

Want more detail on this? Send me an email with the subject “send me the book” to and I’ll shoot across the free guide which outlines it all in detail.

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