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The 7 Metrics you need to Measure in SaaS Sales and Marketing

Our CEO Matt sat down again recently with Owen Scott. Managing Director at Concentrate to discuss the metrics that all SaaS companies should be tracking and monitoring everyday.

Inbound Marketing Metrics

Owen says "Marketers need to get away from looking at traditional metrics such as google analytics bounce rates, exits etc and instead focus on metrics that drive revenue".

Those metrics that drive revenue are:

1. How many website visits we're getting

2. How many of those website visits become leads

3. How many of those leads, convert into customers

Owen's view is that this helps to better align the Sales and Marketing teams. Only once we've got a handle on those three core metrics should we be delving any deeper into things like traffic sources.

"At Concentrate we love metrics. Metrics tell us what's working, what's not and allow us to show improvements to our customers overtime. And when we focus on big things that drive revenue we can make a real impact". Says Owen.

Outbound Sales Metrics

Sales Science CEO Matt Aird says "Sales development managers need to focus on a few metrics to ensure their campaigns are going to deliver results".

Those are:

1. The number of sales meetings booked

2. The number of Priority leads created (more info on that here)

3. The number of contacts touched

4. The number of dials made

These four metrics provide both leading and lagging indicators to management on the performance and results of the outbound sales activity. Once we have these four metrics dialed in and visible on a dashboard we can quickly assess the heath of our top of funnel activity.

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