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The best closing question for any cold call

You're on a cold call and you think you've got an opportunity to set the meeting / next steps. What question do you ask to get this person to commit?

Most people ask some version of "well it seems like what we do might be able to help you with that, would you be interested in a quick 15 minute call next week so we can show you how?"

This questions isn't teriible. But there's a better way to phrase it.

Try this...

"well it seems like we might be able to help you with that, is there any reason you'd be oppossed to a 15 minute call next week so we can show you how?"

Why is this better?

We're doing two things in this phrasing. We're asking the prospect to respond with a No. That is, if they say no, then we get the meeting.

According to the amazing book by Chris Voss, Never Split the differance, no oriented questions are easier for people to respond to. They feel more comfortable replying no than yes.

The second thing we're doing here is if they dn't want to meet, we're asking them to provide a reason or justification as to why. That creates another hurdle they have to jump in their mind in order to bow us off. In other words, we're helping the prospect take the path of least resistance, which in this case is to schedule a meeting.

Try it out next time you're in this position and let me know how it goes. Email me at

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