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The biggest waste of time for SDR teams

What’s the lowest productivity activity an SDR does every day?

Calling people and not getting through.

Call connect rates are less than 7%. That means 93% of the time your reps are dialling, they’re effectively wasting time.

Why? Nothing has been left behind. There’s not an email to refer to, there’s not a profile to check out on Linkedin in, the call vanishes into the ether.

But calls are still important. Why? Because conversations convert.

When you get someone on the phone, you get a chance to gain context, understand their situation and position yourself accordingly. That’s priceless for go-to-market teams. That’s insight that can’t be gained through static conversations over chat, email or social.

So calls are important, but they’re terribly unproductive.

How do we fix that?

Only call prospects that you know answer their phone.

By doing this you’ll turn 7% connect rates into 25-40% connect rates. Your reps will have 6-7 conversations an hour as opposed to 6-7 per week.

This is what RiteChannel does, they tell you who picks up and who doesn’t so you can make sure your SDR team is as efficient as possible.

Go and check them out

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