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How I booked 7 Meetings in 5 Hours and how you can too

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

7 Meetings in 5 hours.

That was the result from one day of channel validated outbound. One single day of output. For reps running multi-channel outbound campaigns this appears almost impossible. But it’s because, quite simply, you’re doing it wrong.

Outbound is simple.

Activities X Connect Rate X Conversion Rate = Meetings booked

Most organizations are looking to optimize activities and conversion rate.

They optimize activities through headcount and sales acceleration technology, they try to optimize conversion rates through coaching and sales enablement.

These have their place, but in our view they’re secondary issues.

What you should optimize first is connect rate.

Every sale starts with a conversation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high intent inbound lead that schedules a demo on a landing page, or it’s a cold call with a prospect that has never heard of your company.

They’re both conversations.

But we’ve let the spreadsheets and the models dictate how we approach outbound. We have a metrics baseline that tells us connect rates are 3%, conversion rates on these connects are 7%. Let’s just do more activity and we’ll all be rich.

That has created an environment which promotes activity for activities sake.

This creates a ton of problems which rather than explain in detail (they’re self evident) I’ll list here:

  • Reps are unprepared for conversations when they do happen - hard to be sharp on a cold call when the last 23 dials you made went to voicemail

  • Rep morale is low - any job that requires you to do something 450 times before you get the desired outcome is absurd (even average baseball players get on base 25% of the time)

  • Sales teams become bloated high churn cost centers

  • It takes forever to ramp - if you’re only having 10 conversations per week no wonder it takes 3 months to understand how to do the job

So Multi-Channel outbound in our estimation is largely a waste of time.

So what’s the alternative?

Channel Validated outbound. It’s how we generated these results in a single day of output.

Channel Validated outbound adds an additional step to most outbound systems. The step is called (unsurprisingly) channel validation and it slots in between list building and sequencing.

So figure out who you want to sell to (list building), channel validate them (find out how to reach out to each person) and then sequence them (according to the outcome of the channel validation).

If you want to know exactly how I generated these results, and I mean exactly, I share the call scripts, email templates, LinkedIn message exchanges and even the call recordings with you. Go here now


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