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Case Studies

Customer profile -


Automio is NZ Based SaaS Company targeting law firms in Australia and New Zealand. They help lawyers to serve customers at scale through the development and implementation of online legal solutions. 


The Results - 


  • Scheduled an average of 40 meetings per month for their sales team

  • Meetings booked, closed-won at a rate of 22% throughout the campaign


Starting Point -


We approached Automio in November of 2018. At the time they had one internal Sales Development Rep (SDR) setting appointments with qualified prospects for a team of two internal Account Executives. The Sales Development rep was going on maternity leave and they required an SDR to fill this position.


What we did - 


  1. Worked with Automio to understand their Ideal Client Profile

  2. Built out targeted lists of accounts and prospects

  3. Developed a number of outreach sequences that included email, phone, social and video message touch points

  4. Used the Sales Science Bucket System to prioritise which prospects to follow up with


Automio had a large total addressable market, with more than 15,000 law firms in Australia and New Zealand. 


In order to maximise the efficiency of the SDR assigned to this account we utilised a data manager to source information on prospects and build lists of targeted accounts. This was the most time consuming part of the process. We discovered that by separating this function our highly skilled SDR was able to spend more time speaking to prospects, and less time buried in spreadsheets.


We also utilised the Sales Science Bucketing System to prioritise which prospects to follow up with on a regular basis. This meant we were communicating regularly with the prospects most likely to buy in the short term.


Automio’s Feedback -

"Sales Science understood our requirements, and implemented our outbound sales process for us. They gave us some great recommendations to help us attract our ideal clients."

- Zac Bingham - COO Automio









Customer Profile - 

Scaflog is an NZ Based SaaS Company targeting a subset of the construction industry in New Zealand and Australia. Average contract value of $10,000 per annum.


Starting Point - 


We approached Scaflog in June of 2018. At the time they were working with four New Zealand based customers, felt they had achieved product market fit and were now looking to implement a serious go to market plan. They had no internal sales or marketing resources, this was all currently managed by the Founder/CEO.


What we did - 


We designed an outbound sales programme from the ground up.  An overview of this is detailed below:


  1. Mapped out the landscape of potential customers starting in NZ and then moving to Australia after 6 months

  2. Collected contact information on key decision makers at target accounts

  3. Executed and refined outbound sales campaigns to these decision makers. Campaign included cold email, cold calls, Linkedin messaging (when available) and video messaging

  4. Goal of the outbound campaign was to book a demo with our Account Executive

  5. We mapped the product features to specific pain points/frustrations we knew these prospects were experiencing so that we could deliver demos specific to prospect without overwhelming them with the breadth of the system (most were transitioning from pen and paper for the first time).

  6. Managed post demo sales processes including development of proposal templates

  7. Worked closely with the product team to allow us to communicate product roadmap accurately


In order to implement this process we had to develop all of the following processes from scratch:


  • Lead Identification

  • Crafting cold email sequences

  • Cold Call Scripts

  • Online product Demos

  • Post demo follow up processes

  • Proposal Collateral

  • Sales Collateral

  • Helped them to select software systems to assist with the sales process


To implement this campaign the company hired a Sales Development Rep and an Account Executive on retainer from Sales Science


The Results - 


Over the course of the first 10 months of the campaign:

  • 10x their customer base

  • Generated over $300,000 in net new ARR

  • Closed their first dozen customers in Australia

  • Maintained an opportunity win rate of 33%

  • Closed their first round of external funding

  • Closed 3 of the 5 largest target accounts in NZ


Where to from here - We’re currently working with Scaflog to help them expand into other verticals and geographies with a view to doubling the growth rate over the next 12 months









Customer Profile - 

vWork is a NZ Based SaaS Company targeting organisations with large mobile/remote workforces. They help these companies to schedule work, manage employees and facilitate communication both internally and with customers.


Starting Point - 


We approached vWork in July of 2019. At the time they had just hired a senior sales executive in Australia and were looking to accelerate growth in that market. The Sales Executive relied almost exclusively on existing network and referrals to generate new sales opportunities. Whilst this had delivered some early success, it was not allowing them to break into targeted accounts. 


What we did - 


We designed an outbound sales programme for the company from the ground up. This included:


  • Crafting cold email sequences

  • Cold Call Scripts

  • Video Messages

  • Designing an online meeting process that allowed the senior rep to deliver quality product demos at scale


To implement this campaign the company hired a Sales Development Rep on retainer from Sales Science


The Results - 


Over the course of the first 5 months of the campaign:

  • Generated 50 Qualified Opportunities in Australia 

  • Held meetings with C level contacts at 6 enterprise level companies in Australia



Customer profile


Hoodoo is a New Zealand based technology company selling a platform solution to a subset of the retail sector. Average contract price ranges from $250,000 upwards of $1,000,000


Starting Point -


Hoodoo had one customer in New Zealand and was looking to expand its footprint into international markets. Sales Science was charged with generating sales opportunities in the US, UK and Europe for the CEO/Founder to manage.


What We did -


We designed an outbound sales programme for the company from the ground up. This included:


  • Crafting cold email sequences

  • Created Prospect lists

  • Cold Call Scripts

  • Sales Collateral

  • Helped them to select software systems to assist with the sales process


The Results -


In the first 3 months we:

  • Created and implemented a scaleable and repeatable outbound sales process

  • Generated 10 sales opportunities with a total value exceeding $3,500,000


Where to from here - We’re currently working with the company to explore applications for their technology in other verticals whilst continuing to prospect into their original market. 

Pworks Logo.PNG

Customer profile

Projectworks is a cloud based workforce management platform designed to help professional & creative services businesses better manage their organisations in the areas of project management, project financials, and people management.


The Results -

  • Booked an average of 10 Sales Qualified meetings per rep per month (into Australia and New Zealand)

  • Scaled the service to 2 full time SDRs with a focus on the US 

  • Helped them to close their first customers outside their existing networks

  • Now have a repeatable and scalable process to turn strangers into customers


Starting Point - 

Projectworks engaged Sales Science a few months after closing their Series A funding round led by a US Private Equity firm. Their brief was simple. Help us design and implement a process that turns professional service organisations into paying customers. Before engaging us Projectworks had relied on their existing networks to attract a handful of paying customers. 


What we did -

We worked with Projectworks to:

  • Define the total addressable market in Australia and New Zealand initially

  • Develop go to market messaging that would help them to cut through a crowded market

  • Designed and implemented a full outbound sales processes from lead generation through to closed sale


How we did it -

We started our engagement with Projectworks looking to understand why they developed the platform in the first place. What problems could Projectworks solve better than any other platform on the market. Once we understood this, we could then work through our process.


  1. Identify the Market - The people that had these problems

  2. Craft the message - How do we communicate with these people in a way that brings the pain of current processes to the fore

  3. Define the process - What tools and processes were we going to use to enable us to get this message in front of our ideal prospects


This pre-work was completed over a 4 week period and in the first month of the campaign we created 8 opportunities.


Where to Next -

Projectworks have ambitious growth targets. We’re supporting this growth by providing two full time SDRs that continue to book an average of 20 meetings per month. Alongside this we’re helping them to validate new market segments that provide room for future growth.

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