How do we spend this $10M seed round to get more customers

Docugami is a Seattle based AI start-up. They were working with LLMs before anyone had even heard of OpenAI. Docugami uses AI to help companies turn the millions of pages of documents within their businesses into actionable data. 

The Results:

  • Generated a total of 227 meetings over the first 26 months of the engagement
  • Meetings have been with companies such as Nike, Walmart, GEICO, Tesla, PPG Berkshire Hathaway Energy, and may other fortune 500 organisations
  • 10% conversion rate from LinkedIn connect accept to meeting booked

The starting point:

Docugami raised a large $10M seed round. They had strong technical capabilities and a very experienced sales team – but needed more leads to work through their sales process. They had primarily relied on personal networks for sale opportunities before engaging us. 

What we did:

Implemented our process…

  1. Built the market map across a range of target industries including Insurance, CRE, Supply Chain, Retail and Financial Services
  2. Developed problem centric messaging that took prospects from “who are you” to “let’s meet”
  3. Executed the outbound activity across phone, linkedin and email
  4. Made adjustments to targeting and messaging based on what the data told us. 


Avg. 10 SQLs per month

Avg. cost of $600 per SQL

Avg op size of $50,000 per year

Booked meetings with 33 Fortune 500 companies

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