From No Outbound to 480 Meetings in 12 Months

Suitefiles is a New Zealand based SaaS company. They build a productivity solution for accounting firms across the globe.

The Results:

  • 380 meetings booked in 12 months  meetings scheduled with ICP accounts in the first 16 months
  • Ramped 5 SDRs to full productivity in that time
  • 11% conversion rate from connect to meeting booked

Starting Point:

Suitefiles had grown a large book of business primarily through two channels. A partnership with Xero and organic growth through referral and word of mouth. After raising external investment they decided they wanted to accelerate customer acquisition with outbound. 

What we did:

Implemented our process…

  1. Built the market map for AUS and NZ initially then expanded to the US and UK
  2. Developed problem centric messaging that took prospects from “who are you” to “let’s meet”
  3. Executed the outbound activity across phone, linkedin and email
  4. Made adjustments to targeting and messaging based on what the data told us. 


Scaled the team from 0-5 SDRs in 12 months

Went from no outbound function to 30 meetings per month

Helped the expand go-to–market into UK and US

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