From 4 Clients to 40 in just 12 Months Through Outbound

Scaflog is a SaaS platform that helps Scaffolding businesses manage their day to day operations. 

The Results:

  • Generated 16 SQLs per month
  • They had a win rate of 33% on these opportunities
  • Closed 3 of the 5 largest target accounts in their primary market
  • 22% connect rate on Cold Calls
  • 12% conversion rate from Connect to meeting booked

Starting Point:

We approached Sitelog in June of 2018. At the time they were working with four New Zealand based companies - had clear product market fit and were now looking to scale customer acquisition. They had no internal sales or marketing resource  – all of this was handled by the CEO. 

  1. Built the market map for NZ initially then expanded into Australia
  2. Developed problem centric messaging that took prospects from “who are you” to “let’s meet”
  3. Executed the outbound activity across phone, linkedin and email
  4. Made adjustments to targeting and messaging based on what the data told us. 


10X customer base in 12 months

33% close rate on Outbound SQLs

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