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How long does it take to gets results?

"How long before we start to see results?"

We get asked this question a lot.

What it generally means is, how long before I start to get sales meetings on my calendar.

Our answer...

Usually within a week.

But that's not the complete picture.

Whilst outbound sales does deliver immediate results (if executed properly), there are long tail benefits that kick in 6-12 months down the track as well.

And continue to compound.

See, outbound allows us to have conversations with prospects.

Those conversations give us context.

If not now, when?

If not us, with whom?

If not you, who is better placed?

Your product doesn't do X

We have no budget until Y

All of this is GOLD.

We can circle back when these boxes are ticked.

No other marketing strategy gets us this context before the prospect agrees to meet with a sales rep.

In outbound we get these insights everyday.

We can provide information to our product teams on the integrations people want.

We can provide feedback to management on who our competitors are in the eyes of our prospects.

We get immediate qualitative feedback on our messaging and positioning.

And we also get mind share.

All of these touch points (again if executed well) sow a seed in the prospects mind.

You're getting your brand, your value prop, your messaging in front of your ideal customers everyday. even if they're not responding.

All of our cold email campaigns have at least a 30% open rate.

We can send 10,000 emails a day.

Compare that to targeted Impressions your getting on Facebook.

The true long tail comes when the prospects you went outbound to, come inbound down the track.

Because of the seeds you sowed earlier.

Don't just judge an outbound campaign on the number of meetinsg booked this week.

You'll miss a lot of the rewards you'll see in 12 months time.

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