• Matt Aird

Perfect Data is the Cornerstone of your Outbound Sales Process - How good is yours?

Have you got a data problem?

If you're relying on a single source of data for your sales and marketing teams the answer is yes.

Too many companies are trying to run outbound campaigns or build custom digital marketing audiences with poor data sets.

Or worse yet, are trying to run them without access to any data at all.

What I mean is access to a database like Zoominfo, Lusha or LeadIQ.

Access to email verification tools like Hunter and Zerobounce.

The best teams then have a process for how all of these tools fit together.

Do yourself a favour. Give your sales and marketing teams access to world class data on the prospects they need to speak to. This makes everything else so much easier.

They'll have more conversations with qualified buyers.

Their emails will bounce less (keeping your domain credibility intact).

They'll be able to get hold of people on their mobiles when they're working from home.

This will drive massive results further down the funnel.

Get in touch and we'll show you how to get this sorted today!

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