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What AUS/NZ SaaS Companies Need To Address Before Prospecting Into The USA

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Every SaaS company in Australia and New Zealand wants to break into the US. And for good reason. The market is 1000-3000% bigger than Australia nd New Zealand combined for most companies.

A breakdown on market opportunity for some well known local SaaS businesses.


Market Size A/NZ

Market Size USA

% Differance


2.9 Million

31.7 Million






Culture Amp




Employment Hero




If you're looking to gain initial traction through outbound however there's something you should know.

All of your key metrics will deteriorate if you copy and paste the same playbook into the US market.

Accounts worked to meeting held rates will decline

What we typically see in the US is Accounts to Held ratios 1.5X those in A/NZ.

This means you’ll need to be able to process 50% more volume through your prospecting process to generate the same number of held meetings. There are a number of reasons for this including lower dial to connect rates and lower email open and reply rates which we’ll explore in this guide.

Dial to connect rates will be lower

We typically see this number around 2-4X higher in A/NZ than in the US when working off a cold unvalidated list. This means your team will need to make 2-4X as many dials in order to have the same number of conversations.

Call Connect to booking rates will decline

We typically see connect to meeting booked rates around 1.5X higher in A/NZ than we do in the US. Meaning you’ll need more conversations in order to book the same number of meetings.

What to do about it?

Send me an email at and ask for the guide on How A/NZ SaaS Companies can effectively break into the US. You'll find the answers in there. =)

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